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1 / 8 Collection Auditing

Auditing a collection has become really important as it provides a difinitive account of all the items in a collection. Consider collections spread across geographic locations - this could be a university campus or across countries. The question is how to do an audit economically and effectively?

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Off-line Products

Content management systems for your computer and network environment.

A software product developed specifically for the fine art and antique dealer - offering a research and stock management advantage.

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For anyone that needs to record and manage contacts, addresses, mailing lists, . . . and much more!

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If you are serious about recording your heritage then the HumanitiesCMD is ideal documentation and management tool for you - recording full text and images. The scope is to record anything made by people - yes, anything.

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A product to document and manage a collection of prints, slides, video, film, etc. ... and these can be digital or actual phyisical items.

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Librarians and archivists require specialised database software. The ResourceMD is a product ideally suited to a small to medium sized library or resource centres.

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On-line Products

Content management systems for your website, Internet and Intranet environment.

A web-based CMS (content management system) that is ideal for fine art dealers, antique dealers, galleries and consultants.

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An ideal documentation and management tool for museums, fine art dealers, commercial galleries, etc. - product functions purely via the Internet or your Intranet.

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This is an Internet-based product for online registration for events such as conferences, functions, lectures, etc. It can also be used to verify your mailing list by getting your contacts to check their contact and address details.

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A web-based CMS (content management system) that gives you the ability to update your website directly via the Internet - keeping it dynamic.

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ItemsOD: web-based Content Management System (CMS)
New Item Description form: note Filters » HumanitiesCMD upgrade to version 12.0
New features and functionality
General Images View » CollectorsMD upgrade to version 12.0
New features and functionality
Improved integration with online registration » ContactMD upgrade
Version 11.0 is now ready
Cross-referencing within the ResourceMD » ResourceMD cross-referencing in v5.0 upgrade
A completely new feature is Cross-referencing which lets you cross-reference between modules with the ResourceMD and between other Logos Flow database products
Start form with general info and where you select your sort order and report heading » ResourceMD Print Options upgrade
Version 5.0 places a lot of emphasis on upgrading the reporting options
Visitors to your website can post comments » ItemsOD upgrade to version 6.0
Latest version ready to be integrated into your website.

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