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  • Select an image: this web page offers thumbnails (clickable to a larger image) of images that can be sent - the user simply places a tick next to the image.
  • Enter recipient details and message: displays a user-friendly form to enter the recipient's name and email address, the message, and details of who is sending the postcard.
  • Confirmation page: a page to confirm the postcard has been successfully delivered.
  • Recipient email: the recipient receives an email message with details of who sent the postcard and how they can collect it: each postcard has a unique ID which is used to collect it.
  • Card login: the person collects their card by visiting your website (assists in marketing your site!) and entering their name and card ID - they can read their personal message and view the image.
  • Functionality: all the postcard details are stored on a database which is ideal for tracking who has been using your postcard feature.

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