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HumanitiesCMD Item Movement

Improved in HumanitiesCMD version 11.0
Movement is for tracking the temporary location of Items, whether out on loan, being restored or used for research. Movement within your organisation, or outside, can be recorded and archived to keep a history of the Item.

In previous versions of the HumanitiesCMD you needed to go to the Item Management to enter Movement details. This module has been completely revamped to let you capture and manage Movement details more efficiency:
  • Open from the Switchboard and immediately capture movement details and lookup the Item.
  • Lookup via Item ID, Title or Producer.
  • Instantly see which items are out of their permanent storage location.
  • Link to Contact information and keep a record of telephone numbers, email, postal address, street address, etc.
  • Place a reserve on an Item and enter the reserve expiry date.
  • Show all Movement History for a particular Item.
  • Show all Movement for a particular Contact.
  • Print a report with Movement, Item and Contact details.

Click the image for a view of: Movement icon
Movement icon
Click the image for a view of: New Movement form
New Movement form


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