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The PhotoOMD (web-based product) works in conjunction with the PhotoMD (pc / network product) which is used to document and manage photographic archives, agencies, collections, etc. . This file is then placed on the Internet and, using a user-friendly interface, lets the visitor seach and retrieve information via the Internet.

  • Search page: this web page offers the visitor a simple interface to search the online database with pull-down lists that prompt various search options, i.e. search on who took photo, title of the title, keywords, etc.
  • Results page: displays the results of your search in a list format with a thumbnail of the image, and lets you link to full information about an image and who took it.
  • Details page: displays full details about an image, who made it, and image associated.
  • Functionality: to update your data and images to the Internet, you simply login-in and, via a user-interface, use your web browser to upload the files.

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