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Common buttons

Close Closes a form, table, database, etc.
Quick search / filter Quick search / filter offers a simple and effective way to find and filter data.
Select and Sellect all Some forms have Select and Sellect all buttons on them. If the form you are searching has these buttons, use the Select button to randomly choose records for printing or exporting. Use the Select all button to choose all the records that are the result of a filter.
Show all Click this button, or select this option, to show all the records. Used when you have information.
Browse Opens the browse dialog box that presents you with a simple interface to locate the documents, files and folders on your computer.
Lookup Click this button to lookup, and take you to, whatever you select on the displayed list. The list pops out and offers you a list of information. You can scroll and then select the information you would like to go to. This feature should not to be confused with the Lookup fields that provides a list of previously stored data in a particular field.

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