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Aimed at photographer, or agency, that needs to store information that is printed to labels (whether prints, slides, etc.). It is also for the archivist that stores various items that need labeling ... essentially the product is for any task that requires labels, whether they are required for identification purposes or not.

One of LabelMD's strengths is it's ability to store information in various sections only once, but being able to combine it in infinite ways. Information is stored using the Label information form; however, the combined information from the various sections is temporary. This gives you the flexibility of storing the information once and combining it without any duplication. You select the information when you need it.

There is also a copyright feature where copyright details and sequential reference numbers can be generated automatically. The text label feature is availabel for generating any kind text label.

You can also generate sequential numbers, of your choice, for all the label types. LabelMD also supports various formatting options such as font, size, style, etc.

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