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Showing data already captured
Most Logos Flow database products use the lookup feature. You will notice them when entering data into a field. There is a pull-down arrow on the right of each field that, when clicked, looks up the data captured. The following applies:
  • Lookups show a list of what you have captured in that field previously. As you enter data it starts to complete the word, or words. You can also click the arrow on the right of the field and scroll through the list.
  • Lookups normally hide duplicates, i.e. if the the word 'sculpture' is entered 100 times it will only show it once in the lookup list.
  • Lookups standardise how data is captured. If you see spelling errors or incorrent terms, it means you have already captured the term(s) incorrectly. To removed errors you need to use the Find / Search options to locate the incorrect data.

Important: sometimes users click the lookup list and select a term, thinking it will jump them to the record with that term. What they are acautally doing is changing the data in that field.

Correcting data in a lookup field
Lookups show a list of what has been captured previously. Take a look at the screenshot (see right) of a lookup on the Type field. It shows a list of terms, some incorrect. In the list there is an incorrect term 'sculpure' - to correct it, you wold need to search your database (see options below) for the incorrect term and correct it. Once 'sculpure' is no longer in the Type field, it will not appear on the list.

You can also use Find and Replace (see below) to quickly remove a number of incorrect terms. If only a couple of records have incorrect terms then these can be done manually by using Quick Search or Find (see below). If you have hundreds of incorrect terms then use Fine and Replace (use caution here and understanding how the Find functions works).

Note: there is a Refresh button on most forms at the bottom right (looks like a lookup list). Each time yuo open and close a form all the lookups are automatically refreshed. To do the same without closing a form, click the Refresh button.

Click the image for a view of: Lookup field example
Lookup field example

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