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Products PricesOD(tm)

Used to maintain details of your products and related pricing - visitors to your site can browse your products, select what interests them, then check-out.

Products PricesOD™ is managed entirely by you - via the Internet. No software installed on your computer, no programming or HTML knowledge required, and you are able to update your website from anywhere in the world. Without having to contact your service provider, or website developer, and wait for them to update your site.

Products PricesOD™ also integrates with the MembershipOD™ which is used to track all the subscribers. Amongst recording their contact and address details, it controls when a visitor can actually make a purchase.

The Products PricesOD™ interacts with a credit card supplier and, for security purposes, does not record any credit card details. This protects your clients and places the responsibilty of recording this information with your credit card supplier.

Product component

Regarding details about each product: there a various sections available to record the name (including technical name and branding), description, status, etc. There are also two useful sections that record keywording and filter codes - this means various types (i.e. list according to a category) of products can be shown on different areas of your website.

Images can also be uploaded and displayed with the details of the product.

The status options let you control if a product displayed on the website - also lets you feature selected products to appear on the front page of the website. If you set the status to hidden the product is not displayed but available for your records - if a product is withdrawn or a new product you are working on.

You can also add general notes for your own reference which are not shown on the website.

Text can to be formatted. You will be able to use basic formatting such as bold, italics, underline and set bulleted lists. Products PricesOD™ also makes use of style sheets that match formatting on your website such various headings.

Pricing component

Here you can record all pricing details, including currency, door-to-door delivery, etc. Record the exchange rate according to your currency - even view the currency equivalent.

You can also sub-divide the pricing if the product is available in different ways, i.e. you might have a product that is available in different sizes, volume, packaging, etc.

We can adapt exactly how you would like the pricing to appear on the website.

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