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Newspaper ArticlesMD(tm)

  • Scope: this product is a fully relational database that captures the variety of requirements that go into recording and managing a collection of newspaper articles. The product is consists of the following components: articles and authors. Below is an explanation of each component:
  • Articles: this component stores information about an article:
    • title
    • publication
    • type
    • date
    • day
    • issue details
    • acquisition details
    • number of original copies
    • summary
    • subject
    • keywords
    • notes
    • unique ID
  • Authors: this component relates to the Articles (above) and stores information about the author(s):
    • sub-identity or first names
    • identity or surname
    • notes
  • Notes: there are a number of areas where you can keep general notes.
  • Reports: you can print a list or table of various articles you have selected from the database.
  • Exporting: you can select various articles and export the results, i.e. to a spreadsheet.

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