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  • Adding a record: a record is added by clicking the add new button on the Navigation bar
  • Saving a record: a record is automatically saved as soon as you move to the next record, or if you click the Record Selector.
  • Deleting a record: generally a record can be deleted by clicking the Record Selector and pressing Delete on your keyboard. You can also click the Delete button to delete the current record. Note that some products require you to go via the Navigation option to delete - this avoids deleting a record by mistake.
  • Highlighted letter: on all the forms there are either buttons or tabs which have a letter or symbol that is underlined, if you hold down Alt and choose the letter or number on the keyboard you will get the same result as a click with a mouse. This way you can choose to use either the mouse or the keyboard to move around the products.
  • New line: if you want to enter a new line in a field, press Ctrl and Enter on your keyboard.

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