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This user-friendly feature assists you in finding where text occurs, or filters the records, in your database. To activate this option, click the field you would like to find or filter information, then click the filter button on a form (as opposed to the same button on the toolbar. Enter the text in the space provided and click either the Find or Filter button.

Finding text

  • Enter the text to find in the space provided, then click the Find button to go to the first occurance.
  • To find the next occurance of the text, click the Find next button.
  • If the Current field only box is ticked then only the current field is searched - if it is unticked, then all the fields in a record are searched.
  • Note: the Results display area which will display the current record number in blue text. If you are viewing the same record, the text color changes to red. This way you can monitor the status of your search.

Filtering text

  • Filter records according to a field on a form and the text you enter in the space provided.
  • Click the Show all button on the preceding form to remove the filter and show all the records again.
  • Note: this feature always filters all the records, even if you have previously applied a filter to a set of records.
  • Tip: if necessary you can use Find to locate the occurance of the text in a filtered set of records - this is useful if you are finding text in memo or large fields.
  • Note: make sure the Current field only box is unticked and the text you are trying to find will be highlighted (instead of the whole field).
  • Note: the Results display area which will display the number of records that match the text you entered. Click the View results button to filter the records.


  • Some forms have Select and Sellect all buttons on them. If the form you are searching has these buttons, use the Select button to randomly choose records for printing or exporting. Use the Select all button to choose all the records that are the result of a filter (note: if a filter has not been applied this button is disabled).
  • Alternatives to the Quick search feature are the Find and Filter options - Quick search combinds features from both these options into one component.

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