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You will need to filter records to retrieve certain information from a product - there are three main ways of doing this.

For most of your filtering requirements you can also use the Quick search option (see link below).

Filtering by selection

Simply find the text you need to filter, then highlight the text. To apply the filter click the Apply / remove filter button. Notice that the number of records filtered is indicated by the Navigation bar. Note that if you highlight further text, you can filter the information further. To remove the filter and view all your records again, click the Apply / remove filter button again.

Filtering by form

Once this button is clicked the entire form turns into a form that can be filtered by simply typing the information into the appropriate fields. You will also notice that at the bottom of the form there are two tabs, the top one displays look for, and the other one displays or. Click this tab and enter alternative values to be included in the filtered results.

For example, to find all the 'Cape Town' addresses in the ContactMD, type 'Cape Town' in the City field then click the Apply / remove filter button.

To filter all 'Cape Town' addresses and with the surname 'Smith', type 'Cape Town' in the City field, click the or tab, and type 'Smith' in the Surname field then click the Apply / remove filter button.


Once you have filtered the records, you can use the Select all option to select these records for printing - this feature enables you to retrieve just about any data from a product and select it for printing.

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