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This section discusses our approach to managing information in a networked environment. It is important to note that products developed to run using Microsoft® Access are ideal in a small to medium sized networking environment - Access specifications are 255 concurrent users. All the suggestions in this section are for such an environment.

If you have a network

This option is ideal for an environment where the database needs to be managed from a central point, i.e. there are a couple of people (information managers) who need to add and edit information; plus having the full functionality of the database product. The other information managers can also add and edit information. They all access the same data file in a shared folder on a. central computer / server.

The information users can be defined as people who need to access the data and have full functionality of the database. They cannot add or edit information but will always have access to the information and full functionality that the database product offers. The data file is copied (i.e. duplicated), to a central computer / server and placed in a shared folder

The general users use a web browser to search and retrieve information using a familiar Internet / web page interface.

Use the Update data source option (see below) via the Switchboard when networking your data.

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