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Back ups

Very important: all data files (xxx_d.mdb) should be routinely backed up. You should also keep at least two back up sets, just in case something goes wrong with restoring the first one. To be even more secure, keep a third and fourth set off the premises that you back up using a rotation system (i.e. rotate backing up to the third and fourth set as this ensures there is always a secure copy stored off the premises). You should also make a note, or log, of when the files where backed up: avoids confusion when restoring the files.

Remember: Logos Flow™ can always re-supply a product if you misplace the setup program. If it is up to you to look after your information - consider the hard work and effort that has gone into capturing it!

To do manual backups of the data files:
  • Local computer: make copies of all the xxx_d.mdb files in the main DataFlow folder.
  • Network: make copies of all the xxx_d.mdb files in the shared folder. If you are not sure where the data is stored, go to Update data source via the Switchboard (see below).
If you are storing images, documents, etc. within the DataFlow folder structure then simply copy the entire folder to CD, Flash Card, etc. This will automatically include all sub-folders.

Default location of the data files (i.e. when the product is installed - see below)

File nameLocationNotes
xxx_d.mdbc:\DataFlowproduct file that stores all raw data

Product's backup option

You product comes with a build-in back up option. However, it is advised you become familiar with manually backing up your data and files.

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