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To document and manage your donations, sponsorship, funding and contacts

Contacts & Addresses
This is the primary module that records contact and address details:

  • Type (individual, company, etc)
  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Postal / Street Address
  • Telephone, Fax, Mobile Phone
  • Email, Website
  • Profile
  • Type donations
  • Restrictions
  • Notes
  • Including relating contacts to each other to record relationships

This module records all donations, sponsorships, etc:

  • Unique ID (for auditing purposes)
  • Type
  • Description
  • Date Pledged
  • Financial Date Recevied
  • Amount
  • Type payment, Payment number
  • Receipt(?), Receit Number
  • Tax Certificate(?), Country
  • Bank Charges
  • Status (Pledge, Complete, Reversed, Refunded)
  • Restrictions
  • Notes
  • Includes a foreign exchange calculator
  • Also displays running totals of donations. Filter across all records - i.e. all donations across all contacts according to a particular year, month, etc. It also integrates with the Projects module and more than one project can be related to a donation

Prospect History
This module records prospect history details:

  • Type
  • Description / Details
  • Date supported (year)
  • Amount Donated
  • Notes

This module records basic project details:

  • Type
  • Name
  • Description
  • Date Starts, Date Ends
  • Notes
  • Integrates with the Financial module

This module records the link to a document, etc. stored on a pc / network folder and Notes (any notes relating to the specific document).

This component records Events (Meetings, etc) related to the Contact Person / Organisation:

  • Type (i.e. meeting)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Result
  • Notes

This component records Communications (Letters, Emails, etc) related to the Contact Person / Organisation:

  • Type (i.e. letter)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Preferred Means Communication
  • Status (i.e. Responded)
  • Notes

The DonorsMD will include the ablility to filter and select various records, and PRINT a variety of reports. Note: Logos Flow can develop reports as required, and provide a Mail Merge component if necessary in the future.

The DonorsMD will include the ablility to filter and select various records, and EXPORT the following reports. These reports can be exported to a word processing document or spreadsheet.

User interface
The DonorsMD will include a user-interface that will assist in capturing and working with the data, and offer a variety of ways to retrieve the data.

The DonorsMD includes various sections to record extensive information about Contacts and functionality to effectively manage your Contact list.

  • Addresses: this component stores contact and address information (name, organisation, title, street and postal address, area, city, state/province, country, phone, fax, cell phone, email, Internet, etc.). Related to an address is:
    • biographical - personal details about the person (see below)
    • associated people - other people associated with the person or organisation (see below)
    • related addresses - relate addresses to each other on the same database (see below)
    • other addresses - any additional addresses (see below)
    • other contact numbers - any additional contact numbers (see below)
    • other online addresses - any additional online addresses (see below)
    • messages - send email messages (see below)
    • filter codes - lets you group addresses and create multiple mailing lists (see below)
    • name lists - used for creating name tags (see below)
    • hyperlinks and images - links to images, spreadsheets, etc. (see below)
    • events - keep a diary record of events, meetings, etc.
    • keywords - links to the Thesaurus to track any keywords that identify the address
  • Groups: this component lets you compile lists of addresses, whether email or postal, via a user-friendly interface. Groups can be everyone receiving a newsletter, invitation, press release, product information, etc. You simply select names from the address list to build up your group. There is no limit to the number of groups, and no limit to the number of groups a person can belong to. Whenever you need to create a list of email or postal addresses, you select the group and use the bulk messaging (see below) option.
  • Filter codes: this component does exactly what Groups (see above) does but just in a different way. Each addresses can be assigned a variety of filter codes that are used to group addresses together, i.e. the code 'NL' might indicate that someone receives your newsletter. Note: each address can have more than one filter code (belong to more than one group). You can print labels or bulk email to the various groups that match a particular filter code.
  • Bulk messaging: this feature is used to create bulk email or postal address lists. You can create these lists using either the Groups or Filter codes option. Lists can also be created by filtering your database according to any criteria, for example: create a list of addresses of a particular town or city. You can also select those without an email address and print labels to send via the post.
  • Biographical: this component stores information about the person (date of birth, place of birth, age, ID number, current and historical employment details, education history, profile, etc.). Related to biographical info is:
    • other numbers - these can be any numbers: passport, banks accounts, car registration, policy numbers, membership numbers, etc.

  • Associated people: this component is used to store information about people associated (name, title, position, notes) to a particular address to avoid duplicating addresses. Ideal for storing information about other people working in an organisation or recording additional family members. Note: each associated person can have their own Other addresses, Other contact numbers, and Other online addresses. You can also search across all associated people and open the main contact and address information.
  • Related addresses: this feature is used to relate addresses to each other.
  • Other addresses: this component stores information about other addresses (type, street and postal address, area, city, state/province and country) such as home and old addresses. You can record as many other addresses as necessary.
  • Other contact numbers: record any additional contact numbers (telephone, fax, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Other online addresses: record any additional online addresses (email, Internet, FTP, etc.).
  • Name list: this is a useful component that creates name lists useful for printing labels, or tags, for various functions, events, conferences, etc.
  • Hyperlinks and images: the hyperlinks feature is found throughout the database which offers linking to images, documents, spreadsheets, the Internet, audio files, etc. This truly turns your database into the nerve centre of managing a collection as literally any file can be linked. Note that if a link is made to an image it can be viewed as a thumbnail, clipped, zoomed, opened in your image editing program ... all from within the database. Also note the files are stored outside the database which means you can link to CDs and/or an image bank on your computer or on a server. This means your database is never cluttered with large image files.
  • Messages: this feature is used to send email messages from within the database. You can also compile CC and BCC lists and attach files to your messages.
  • Notes: there are a number of areas where you can keep general notes.
  • Reports: either print or export contact and address information to a variety of formats. Print lists, tables, labels, envelopes and even cards with images.
  • Exporting: a number of exporting options are available, whether you need to generate a document to be sent as an email attachment, or export the entire database to a spreadsheet ... and more.
  • Quick view: a useful feature that lets you scroll up and down a list of contacts and instantly open the all the main address information related.
Click the image for a view of: Screenshot of the Contact / Address section
Screenshot of the Contact / Address section
Click the image for a view of: Screenshot of the Financial / Donation section
Screenshot of the Financial / Donation section
Click the image for a view of: Screenshot of the Financial / Amounts section
Screenshot of the Financial / Amounts section

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