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Content management systems for your computer and network environment.


If you know how to use one Logos Flow product - all the others function in similar ways. Expert in one, expert in all.
  • UPGRADED / NEW Switchboard: guides you to the main features and functionality. Ideal for new users to add, edit and easily finding information. Also assists experienced users, to quickly locate information and performing various tasks such as networking, updating, printing, etc. The Switchboard has been upgraded to accommodate these requirements:
    • Start: lets you immediately capture a new record and shows the number of records captured in the main sections. You can click to access the data or use the Quick Search feature to locate information according to the criteria you enter.
    • Backups: the importance cannot be over-stated and there is now a detailed guide to backing up your data.
    • Support: access the continuously updated online support directly.
    • Networking: much easier access to network your database if you are using one. This feature used to be called 'Update Data Source' which was not so easy to locate - now it is easily available.
    • Website: access the Logos Flow website.
  • Adding & editing: to add new and edit existing information is very easy - so is searching and retrieving information.
  • Navigation: you can move seamlessly between components of the product using floating or embedded menus (appropriate options appear as you need them).
  • Finding & filtering: there are a number of user-friendly, and powerful, filtering features which simplify the task of grouping information.
  • UPGRADED / NEW Advanced filtering options: this option is available for advanced users requiring indepth options of retrieving information. There are a also a variety of ways in which you can display your results such as freezing columns, moving columns, changing fonts … and much more.
  • Hyperlinks: another feature that is found in various product is the ability to manage and link images, documents, spreadsheets, the Internet, audio files, etc., using hyperlinks.
  • Imaging: a couple of utilities that provides a number of image views (thumbnails, zoom, clip, etc.).
  • Sharing data: a variety of networking options. Plus, the ability to share data even of you do not have a network.
  • Maintenance: Included are common maintenance requirements which have been built into the product such as backing-up data, restoring data, etc. Most safety and maintenance options are available.

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