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From basic to advanced training for all Logos Flow database products

Logos Flow's approach has always been to make using a product as simple as possible as this makes supporting the product much simplier. Training, however, usually makes understading and utilising the product a lot easier. Due to the importance given to training we have decided to impliment a more stuctured approached to what users have achieved. Each person trained will receive a certificate authorised by Logos Flow.

Centralising information is not only a laborious and demanding but it brings about a shift in attitude in your organisation as to the value of the of what you are doing. Frequently this is done through quiet dedication and not realised by those who are managing your organisation. Once the information is made public, or more widely availabe within your organisation, then the value becomes apparent.

Two approaches to training - certificates supplied on request:

  • Starter: received the minimum training required to understand:
    • the main concepts of what the product offers,
    • adding and entering basic information,
    • getting around - finding and filtering information,
    • selecting information for printing,
    • backing up your information.
  • Advanced: received the minimum training required to understand:
    • indepth understanding of what the product offers,
    • understanding of the technical components of the product,
    • project managing the task of capturing large amounts of data (if appropriate),
    • adding and entering more complex information,
    • advanced finding and filtering of information,
    • exporting data,
    • networking (if appropriate),
    • imaging (if appropriate).
Over the years Logos Flow™ has trained a lot of people - if you are one of them - contact us if you require a certificate.

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