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The Generic Thesaurus is a product which manages terminology and vocabulary.

The Thesaurus manages your terminology to assist in standardising the way information is stored and retrieved. The Thesaurus makes it easy to add new, or edit existing, terminology. Searching and retrieving terms are equally easy. Perhaps the strongest feature is it's ability to update fields in Logos Flow products that record keywords, categories, subjects, etc. The Thesaurus automatically determines which product and which field needs to be updated. This saves you from, not only frequently entering the same terms, but by simply clicking the Update button the term is inserted into the Keyword field. If there is already a term in the field it will separate it by using a semi-colon ( ; ).

The concept behind the functioning of the Generic Thesaurus is you enter various terms and associate these terms to each other. For example: if 'Mathematics' is the term you choose to be the main term, you can then associate other terms that refer to 'Mathematics' and label them either as Use terms or Related terms. If you enter 'abacus' and click the Use Term field it will give you the opportunity to enter the term 'Mathematics' - which you should be using instead. You can also relate as many terms as necessary to the main term - 'Logic' is a related term in this example.

Note the screenshot with the main Thesaurus form. The Use term (i.e. 'abacus') in the Term field and main term in the Use term(s) (i.e. 'Mathematics') field. Note: that if you add Use terms they need to be added to the Thesaurus and ticked which indicates they are a use term.

Note the screenshot with the main Thesaurus form with the main term (i.e. 'Mathematics') in the Term field - you may add as many related terms (i.e. 'Logic') as you like in the Related term(s) field. that if you add Related terms they need to be added to the Thesaurus.

The Thesaurus also comes with a feature which enables you to quickly find a term instead of using the a search function. If you click the Lookup option it opens a lookup similar to the example below. You can scroll to the term you require or type in the first letters of the term. The heading Term indicates the actual term, and the heading Use tells you whether it is a use term or not.

Also note the Jump buttons that immediately take you to the term you are viewing.

Networking: the Thesaurus stored data seperately to your main database which means it can be networked and used across the various Logos Flow products. It can also be networked and access by multiple users. For example: if you have 2 users adding / editing data they could both be accessing the same Thesausus to make sure the same keyword terms are used.

Click the image for a view of: Terms you can use
Terms you can use
Click the image for a view of: Terms you should not use
Terms you should not use
Click the image for a view of: Lookup Tems
Lookup Tems

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