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Networking Full Editions

You will need a shared folder on your network that other users can access from their various computers. If you are not sure if you have a network or how to setup a shared folder, you will need to got in touch with your IT support.

This diagram shows the computers where the Full Edition is installed. The data file is stored in a shared folder on a computer / server which they access.

Data File
The data file of the product you are using will need to be stored on a shared folder on your network. We will use the HumanitiesCMD as an example here: copy the cmdh_d.mdb file from the c:\DataFlow folder on your computer to the shared folder.

Connecting to the data
On each computer, open the Full Edition and at the Switchboard select the Update Data Source option. This enables you to browse to the shared folder on your network. See Update Data Source below for full details.

Regarding networking images linked to your database - take a look at Imaging below.

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