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Switchboard : Networking

Details about updating the source of the data file - used when networking or managing multiple data files.

This option is needed to update the link to the file holding your actual data (i.e. xxx_d.mdb file).

  • First use the Select a product pull-down list. Various options such as drive, path and an appropriate buttons become available.
  • The Browse button offers you a user-friendly view of your folder structure - you can then browse to the appropriate file or location. Note: the product automatically determines the correct file it is looking for - so you cannot connect to the wrong data file.
  • You will normally accept the default settings.
  • Optional: if you do not use the the Browse button to locate a file you must use the colon ':' in the drive statement and end slash '\' in the path statement.
  • Click the Update button to confirm the new location of the data file.

Note: in recent versions (2011 onwards) a file recording the last drive and path is stored in the c:\DataFlow folder. It includes the product's prefix in the file name: path_REMD.txt (using ResourceMD as an example).

If you have a slow network use Control integrity checks (Switchboard > Checks) to speed up moving between records.

Click the image for a view of: Networking tab on the Switchboard
Networking tab on the Switchboard

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