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Installing a data file

Note: data files are normally compressed with makes their size much smaller - much quicker to download. You will need a product such as WinZip.

You will receive an email with the Internet address (URL) of where the data file is located. Note: data files are normally dated so you can archive these files for your records.

To install a data file:
  • make sure you close the product on your computer
  • go to the Internet address provided (click the link in your email message)
  • a dialog box appears asking if you would like to open or save the file to your computer: click the save option - save the file to a folder on your computer (i.e. My Documents)
  • once the file is downloaded, locate the file (i.e. in My Documents) and right-click on the file and select Extract to
  • once the Extract to dialog box is open, locate the c:\DataFlow folder on your computer, then click the Extract button
  • open your product as normal - either via your desktop or Start then Programs

If the data file is networked, you will need to Extract to the folder on your network where the data is located. Important: all users must have the product closed prior to installing the data file.

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