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Installing an upgrade on a network

Some product upgrades require an upgrade to the data file, i.e. the very important file that stores all your information. The steps below only need to be done once:

  1. IMPORTANT: make a backup of your data. If you are not sure where the data file is located on your network use one of the following links below:
    • Switchboard : Networking (later versions of Logos Flow products)
    • Switchboard : Update Data Source (earlier versions of Logos Flow products)
  2. Install the product upgrade.
  3. Copy the existing data file from your shared network drive and place it in the folder: c:\DataFlow. This is an added precaution that upgrades a copy of your main data file.
  4. Start the product.
  5. At the Start form (after you have entered your username and password), tick the option: 'Tick this option if you have received an upgrade to this product'. This will automatically upgrade the structure of your database (not all products have this option activated - if this is the case, simply ignor it).
  6. Optional: do a check to see if you are satisfied that the data is imported correctly - simply open some of the product's options and look at the number of records.
  7. Once the upgrade is complete, copy the data file back to the shared folder - replacing the existing one.
  8. After you have installed the product upgrade on each computer, use Switchboard : Update data source or Switchboard : Networking, to connect to the shared data file.

See Networking for general details about setting up a network. Please note: product licenses apply per user.

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