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The product is very flexible and can be adapted to any requirements but is normally used by an organisation or group of organisations that need to manage venues and functions across a geographic area.
  • Scope: this product is a fully relational database that captures the wide variety of requirements that go into the planning and management of a function.
  • Functions: this component stores information about the function:
    • function name
    • type
    • start and end dates
    • start and end times
    • pax
    • invoice to
    • cost
    • overtime
    • parking
    • security
    • technical requirements
    • sub contractors
    • contact name, telephone, email, address, etc.
    • related venue(s)
    • any notes relating to the function
  • Venues: this component stores information about a venue:
    • venue name
    • description
    • location
    • address
    • directions
    • seating and standing room available
    • any notes relating to the venue
  • Functionality:
    • to add new and edit existing information is very easy
    • you can retrieve information according to various filters:
      • Any month (i.e. January, February, etc.)
      • Today
      • Next 7 days
      • Next 30 days
      • This year
      • Next year
      • Next 2 years
      • All functions
    • Get a printer friendly view of the function you are looking at
  • Security: secure login (username and password), The security works on three levels:
    • Administrator who assigns usernames and password to General users. The Administrator can change any function and venue details
    • General user can view all functions but only change the functions they have booked.
    • Visitor user can view all functions but not make any changes.
  • Help: there is an online help manual available.

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