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Switchboard : General options

These are available via the product's Switchboard.

  • Toolbar: select this option to display the General functions toolbar.
  • Menu: select this option to display the General menu bar.
  • Add / edit user names: this feature allows you to add other user names which appear in the Password form when starting the product. The user name is also entered in the log file (see below) when starting and exiting the product. Note that the password for the product is the same for all users.
  • Change password: select this option to change the password used to enter the product. You will be prompted for the new password and then asked to re-enter the new password (just to make sure the new password was correctly entered). Caution: if you forget your password then you will not be able to use the product.
  • Show Start form: this option runs the Start form sequence (i.e. looks for an existing data file, etc). Note that when the tick box is ticked the Start form will not open when starting the product - it is not necessary for this form to open once the product has been correctly installed.
  • Registration: complete this form to register the product and receive information on upgrades, etc. Enter your details and click the email button; alternatively, click the Print button to print the form and post or fax it.

Other General options

The options under this section can vary depending on the type of product.

  • View user log: this feature shows when (date and time) a user logged on and off the product. The Current session tick box indicates the current user of the product.
  • View user form log: this feature shows when (date and time) a user logged on and off selected forms in a product. This feature is useful to track usage of the various forms.
  • Edit lists: select this option to edit the standardised terminology used in the product. You will notice that a variety of fields prompt you to confirm whether a term can be used in a particular field. You might, however, need to edit the lists of appropriate terms and this feature allows you to do this. Note that if you delete terms using Edit lists, it does not remove or edit the term on the database - you can use the search and replace feature to do this.
  • Set currency: lets you determine the currency of the data file. Very useful if managing various database that use different currencies. The default is to use your Regional settings on your computer.

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