On-line Products
Content management systems for your website, Internet and Intranet environment.


The Online MagazineMD is managed entirely by you - via the Internet. No software installed on your computer, no programming or HTML knowledge required, and you are able to update your website from anywhere in the world.

  • Issues: this component stores details of the issue
    • title
    • year
    • specific date
    • volume
    • number
    • and more ...
  • Articles: this component is used to add articles to an issue
    • caption
    • brief description
    • article description
    • order
    • and more ...

  • Headings / Body: this component lets you add / edit the body or content of an article. You can also break long text into smaller parts which are automatically associated.
  • Images: this feature offers to ability to link to images - these can be images that appear on the issue's front page; or associated with an article or the heading / body.
  • Links: you can make links to various other websites and associate these with an article.
  • Notes: this feature offers to ability to make any notes
  • Functionality: secure login (username and password); look up current issues; and, look up past issues, etc. You can also hide an issue while you are compiling it - then simply change it's status to the latest issue.

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