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Installation and technical notes

General notes about the installation, and re-installation, of off-line products

Default folder

When a product is installed it extracts files to a default folder (c:\DataFlow\xxx) under the main DataFlow folder.


If a product is re-installed, all the files in this folder are replaced - no data is installed in the product's sub folder, therefore, there is no danger of writing over the data.

Product start

When the product starts up (and the Start form has not been disabled), it automatically checks to see if a data file exists. If not, a blank data file (xxx_dbk.mdb) is copied from the product's sub folder to the main DataFlow folder and renamed to xxx_d.mdb.

Technical notes

Normally, each product consist of a couple of databases and use the concept of a front-end and a back-end for storing and managing information. The front-end contains an encrypted file (xxx_p.mde) with the forms, reports, etc., as well as the code and queries that manage the data. The back-end contains the files that store the raw data (xxx_d.mdb).

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