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Creating a seperate data file

Step-by-step instructions to run mutiple data files

Logos Flow database products allow for the creation of mutiple data files. Useful if you need to manage seperate business or organisational entities.

Creating a new data file and how to access it
  • The data file of the product you are using will need to be stored on a seperate folder - whether on your computer or network.
  • We will use the HumanitiesCMD as an example here:
    • Create a new folder on your computer or network, i.e. c:\DataFlow\Coll1.
    • Go to the c:\DataFlow\CmdH folder and copy the cmdh_dbk.mdb file to the c:\DataFlow\Coll1 folder.
    • Rename the data file from cmdh_dbk.mdb to cmdh_d.mdb.
    • From the HumanitiesCMD use Networking to switch between the different data files.

Creating separate desktop icons to each data file

You can use Networking to switch between the different data files but sometimes it is more convenient to add a desktop icon for each on. To do this - using the HumanitiesCMD as an example:

  • Create a new sub-folder under c:\DataFlow and give it an identifying name, i.e. Books.
  • Go to c:\DataFlow\CmdH and copy the cmdh_p.accde file to the new folder, i.e. c:\DataFlow\Books
  • To create a desktop icon, right click the cmdh_p.accde and select Sent to > Desktop (create shortcut)
  • Go to the desktop icon and double-click to open. At the Networking tab, select the product and locate the additional data file (see link below for support).
  • That's it - you can rename and change the desktop icon as well.

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