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Installing latest Logos Flow products

Database products are now developed to function with Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.

Visit the support page and check your computers have the specifications for the next generation of Logos Flow products. These new products are developed to function with Microsoft Access.

You do not have to purchase Microsoft Access if it is not already part of your Office suite.

To download the Runtime version of Microsoft Access and check System requirements - see link below. Also note this support page offers various solutions if there are any problems during the installation.

We suggestion the following process to upgrade:
  1. Back up the data and send your data file to us (see link below) - this will create an off-site backup and we will the upgrade the file.
  2. Check your computer, or computers, have the right system requirements.
  3. If necessary download, and install either:
    • Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime and the Service Pack 1 (SP 1).
    • Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime.
  4. Download and install the Logos Flow setup file (available via the client login).
  5. Check the installation is successful by opening the database product.
    • If you can, we will supply the upgraded data file and the process is complete.
    • If not, click here to return to the support page for various trouble-shooting options. You can also roll-back to the previous product version (contact us is this is necessary).

Click the image for a view of: Office 2010 icon
Office 2010 icon

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