About Logos Flow: information, services and clients.

Established in 1997 and developing software and website solutions ever since . . .

Why focus on database development?

  • Databases are ideal storage and retrieval systems that offer many ways to facilite access to information via networks, intranets and websites.
  • We noticed, after working for a number of years in the field of database development, that countless organisations (large and small) need database products but do not have the resources (technical skills, equipment, etc.), finances, or time to develope them. This is where we fit in.

What is the development platform?

  • We have chosen Microsoft® development platform - utilising the entire Office suite of products Access, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, etc.
  • We make extensive use of Microsoft® Access and Visual Basic for Applications.
  • At present, according to demand, we develop in Microsoft® Office 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • We make us of Microsoft® Development Environment - HTML, XML, ASP and ASP.Net.
  • All online help manuals are created in Microsoft® HTML Help Workshop.

What is Logos Flow's basic approach to development?

  • Draw from our stock of existing products - if necessary make minor adjustments to suit specific requirements. All the products have been designed in close consultation with various organisations and specialists which allows to develp products to a particular environment.
  • Develop a customised products to suit particular reqirements.
  • Develop new products where there might be a future, or perceived, need.
  • Logos Flow has also, over the years, developed a large number of components that can be integrated in various products - this allows us to swiftly build new products and upgrade existing ones.

What are the features common to all products?

  • Intuitive user-interfaces
  • Variety of ways which to search and retrieve data
  • Utilise the full power of relation databases
  • Use databases to generate HTML and XML web components and pages
  • Utilise export options to create databases that are queried using ASP and ASP.Net
  • Use a number of techniques to ensure the integrity of the data is carefully maintained
  • Easy installation and de-installation
  • Help manuals
  • Ability to receive software upgrades without effecting your existing data
  • Ability to manipulate data structures automatically
  • Ability to add new components to an existing product to suit specific needs
  • Create intelligent database products that interact with computers and networks
  • Develop products that learn (FlowLogic™) as they are used

Where did the name 'Logos Flow' come from?

The origins are a bit philosophical: Heraclitus of Ephesus, an ancient Greek philosopher, held a doctrine in which logos is mentioned as a sort of non-human intelligence that organizes the elements of the world into a coherent whole. Well, aren't computers a sort of non-human intelligence? And we use them to assisting in organising the elements of the world into a coherent whole?

The word flow: well, the The conside Oxford English dictionary (7th edition) says:

glide along as a stream; (... money, electric current) circulate; (of persons or things) come and go in large numbers or smoothly; [...]
This pretty much sums it up as flow points to cycles of life, fluctuations of business, computer programs, electrons, bits and bytes, etc, ... Hence, Logos Flow.

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