» CollectorsMD upgrade to version 12.0
New features and functionality
General Images View
» CollectorsMD upgrade to version 11.0
Lots of new features and functionality
Global Search from one place!
» CollectorsMD: General Search View
New 'all-in-one' form that allows you to quickly view Item information
New view on your Item information
» Evaluation History now in CollectorsMD
New feature to record evaluations over a period of time
Evaluation History
» CollectorsMD has a VAT Calculator
Useful new feature to calculate inclusive or exclusive VAT
» Quick Capture Wizard upgrade in the CollectorsMD
Now includes section for capturing Management information
Quick Capture Wizard icon
» CollectorsMD Item Movement
Totally new feature to track the temporary location of Items
Easily capture and track movement of items
» CollectorsMD Global Search
Search across the entire CollectorsMD
Global search with results (example)
» CollectorsMD Print Options
Version 11.0 has further improved on the reporting options
Print options with new fields you can include
» CollectorsMD upgrade to version 10.0
New Security and Reporting options
New Management Security feature
» CollectorsMD upgrade to version 9.0 is complete
Reporting completely revamped, and more . . .
New reporting interface
» CollectorsMD™ version 8.0 upgrade
Art dealers, antique dealers, galleries, consultants, . . . CollectorsMD™ version 8.0 is now available!
» CollectorsMD™ version 7.0 upgrade
The latest version of the CollectorsMD™ - version 7.0 - is now available!
» Software upgrade
Collectors Database version 6.0 now available
Collectors Database

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