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HumanitiesCMD upgrade to version 13.0

Due to client requests, an upgrade to 13.0 has been completed just after releasing v12.0!

Management Notes

Added Select, Select All and Quick filter buttons for finding / filtering and selecting data for printing or exporting. The datasheet view is now available to do advanced filtering: all evaluations between a range - for example Latest Evaluation above R50 000.

Export options

Added 'Export table (description notes) to include specific measurements, etc.

Item Description Added new field: fldIDBarcode. This field added so barcode data is not stored in the Classification ID. Added to all find / filter options

Management Storage

Storage Location and Floor, Moved By and Movement Notes not included in quick search - fixed. Also renamed fields - to avoid confusion:

  • Moved By to Stored By
  • Date Moved to Date Stored
  • Movement Notes to Storage Notes

Button 'Send to History' now at the top of the form with an explanation. There was also an error if there was not movement date - fixed. You can filter on any storage location and by date or part of a date (i.e. January 2016)

Selected Records

Added a new feature for Selected Records called 'Open selected table' which opens a table of selected records. This table can be copied / pasted into a spreadsheet or text file to be saved for future use. Also, a list of Item IDs can also be pasted on the table. This allows for saving or receiving selected records.

Click the image for a view of: Revamped storage details form
Revamped storage details form

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