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CollectorsMD upgrade to version 14.0

Following closely after the v13.0 upgrade is 14.0 with the following additions and improvements:

3 x fields added to Management

This is to add any additional financial amounts to the sale of an item such as framing, restoration, etc.

  • Type Additional Amount
  • Additional Amount
  • Additional VAT

Do not confuse these new fields with Additional Costs which are subtracted from the sale of an item.

The new fields have been integrated throught the CollecotrsMD: global and running totals, all the main reports, etc.

New functioanlity

Sale Amount: auto calculates VAT after entering an amount. Functions similar to Asking Price VAT feature.

Version upgrade

When a structural change done to the data file a version upgrade is required (i.e. from 13.0 to 14.0). This also involves updating all sql queries to import the data correctly from the old data file to the new one. This has been done for v14.0. Contact Logos Flow to assist with the upgrade.

Click the image for a view of: New additional amount fields
New additional amount fields

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