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HumanitiesCMD v15.0 upgrade

QR codes: QR codes are now integrated into the HumanitiesCMD. Via a simple form each item can have its own QR code associated and labels can be generated which include each unique code. These labels can be part of permanent displays, exhibitions, outside sculptures and memorials. You can use any online QR code generator and readers are freely available for your phone.

All you need is the HumanitiesCMD v15.0 and a website.

Significance: this new option is for capturing the Significance of an item, such as cultural, historical and research.

Motivation: this is for recording any motivation given for the acquisition of the item. Often a curator will offer reasons for acquiring an item, this section now records these motivations.

GPS: you can now record the GPS details of the location of an item, very useful for outdoor artworks, public scupltures, memorials, etc.

Click the image for a view of: HumanitiesCMD QR codes capture screen
HumanitiesCMD QR codes capture screen
Click the image for a view of: View QR Codes associated with an item
View QR Codes associated with an item

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