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CollectionOD upgrade to v5.0

Some important new features and improvements
One of the main improvments is the 3 x modules that clearly control different levels of access to your online collection:
  • Admin access to add and edit the collection documentation - text, images, media, etc. Some basic training to get you up-and-running Logos Flow is available to provide any support required.
  • Staff access to view the collection and complete documentation (i.e. storage details, evaluations, prices, etc.). The module all allows for 'real-time' access to the documentation. Hence, ideal for curatorial staff.
  • Public access to view the collection via a website. Note this is an optional module that can be added at any stage. The documentation is stored in a separate data file and only verified documentation is made available. It also restricts some information such as evaluations, price, storage, etc. - or entire items if necessary. This module is highly customisable to mirror the branding of an existing website. It can also be integrated within a website in a variety of ways or stand alone as a seperate website.

All your existing data and images - i.e. from HumanitiesCMD - is imported and setup for online access.

Storage History: there is now an option to add an item's storage details to Storage History which keeps a history of where the items have been stored. You can have mutiple entries, recording: Location, Building, Floor, Room, Specific, Move By, Date Moved and Notes.

Management: the following fields have been added to compliment existing storage details: Move By, Date Moved and Notes.

Click the image for a view of: Highly customisable interface
Highly customisable interface
Click the image for a view of: New Storage History feature
New Storage History feature

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