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QR codes example

QR codes are now integrated into the HumanitiesCMD. Via a simple form each item can have its own QR code associated and labels can be generated which include each unique code. These labels can be part of permanent displays, exhibitions, outside sculptures and memorials. You can use any online QR code generator and readers are freely available for your phone.

All you need is the HumanitiesCMD v15.0 and a website. Below are two examples: use your QR code scanner and you will be taken to a web page with an example photograph.

QR capture screen

View and test the QR code directly from the HumanitiesCMD

Example of labels including the QR code for printing. You can scan these codes or use the examples below:

QR code example 1: use your QR code reader to scan this code

QR code example 2: use your QR code reader to scan this code

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