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ItemsOD upgrade to version 7.0

Major upgrade to version 7.0 now available and ready to be integrated into your website.

There has been lots of feedback over the years, often about how easy the ItemsOD is to use and update a website. The upgrade makes it easier still.

Upgraded UI: the UI (user-interface) has received a new approach. Gone are the use of frames which made it difficult to get around. Now there is a clean and minimal interface which lets you get around easily and move between sections of your website.

All the existing features are still included and integrated with the upgrade. For example, each Item you upload can have:

  • Loads of text - formatted as you require. Plus, you can use Articles to related more information.
  • Any number of images - thumbnails automatically generated and various options to click through to an enlarged image.
  • Any number of links - links to other website, cross-reference links to your website and email addresses.
  • Downloads - any number of downloads: PDFs, docs, video, music, ...
  • Widgets - embed any number widgets. Embed and link to YouTube ...

Upgraded Security: the security of the ItemsOD has been redeveloped completely. There is a series of processes that happen prior to content being updated on your website. This all happens behind-the-scenes.

Future: currently working on further upgrades to the ItemsOD and more details will be posted.

Click the image for a view of:

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