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HumanitiesCMD v14.0 upgrade

Apps: the HumanitiesCMD integrates with 4 apps that function purely online. This means you are completely mobile and can interact with your collection directly via a smart phone, tablet or laptop:

  • Stock taking: used to do record who did the stocktake, when and any notes.
  • Evaluations: used to do record who did the evaluation, when and any notes.
  • Movement: movement of items from there permanet storage, i.e. out on loan or being restored.
  • Location: unlike Movement, this is used for change of permanent storage and keeping a history of previous storage locations.
More will be posted about how the above Apps function and screenshots. You are welcome to get in touch for more info.

Quick capture: this has become a popular feature and has now received a major upgrade. This module lets you add / edit from one place instead of opening various forms to document an item. You can now capture:

  • All the main Description fields.
  • All the main Management fields, including the various administration fields. Including full Evaluation details and notes.
  • Stock taking - both current and history.
  • Link to Group - assigning items to a group such as a portfolio, series, set, etc.
  • Link to images and thumbnails.
  • Link to Movement of items.

Evaluations: added Evaluation By and Evaluation Date to improved how the Management relates to the Evaluation History module.

Quick search history: useful function that records search terms you enter and keeps a history for future reference. You can also clear the terms at any point.


  • Exporting and more than one producer appearing for one item: this occurs because of exporting to a spreadsheet which is essentially rows and columns. The HumanitiesCMD relates items to producers so if more than one producer is associated with an item the information is duplicated when exported. These can be removed manually after exporting. There is also an option to export only items so no duplicate producers appear.
  • Previous list of export options were unclear so this has been improved.

Reports: you can now choose to include the Storage History with all List report options.

User-interface: there have been some general improvements to the user-interface.

General note: an additional upgrade to v14.0 is in process. Primarily to improve the integration with the new Apps.

Microsoft Office 2016: you can run MS Access 2016 alongside HumanitiesCMD but will require the Runtime Access 2013 (this is supplied at no additional cost).

Click the image for a view of: New Quick Capture interface
New Quick Capture interface

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