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ResourceMD upgrade to v8.0

The ResourceMD upgrade to v8.0 - brought out just after the v7.0 upgrade - is to include hyperlinks for Articles

Article Hyperlinks: is a new feature which offers link to images, documents, spreadsheets, the Internet, audio files, etc. Also the files are stored outside the database, which means you can link to DVDs, CDs, external hard drives or folder on your computer / server. This means your database is never cluttered with large files.

PDF documents: another important feature of Article Hyperlinks is to link to any page in a PDF document. This means if you have captured a magazine or newsletter for example, you can document every article and now link to the article's page. Hence, being able to open a PDF and go straight to the actual page.

You can also link to images - for example: picture from a magazine article:

  • if a link is made to an image it can be viewed as a thumbnail and a convenient zoom option.
  • The image can be opened in your image editing program.

Click the image for a view of: New Article Hyperlinks feature
New Article Hyperlinks feature

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